Moving... not all homes are alike...

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Real Estate

Not all homes are alike and marketing your home’s unique features is what will get it SOLD. As an expert in home sales, I have a solid and dynamic marketing plan to get your home SOLD.  

Advertising your home for sale is just one of many marketing venues you can expect.   Find out where/how your home would be marketed.

When you're selling you want to get the most for your investment.  Determining the most accurate price for you home can be confusing.  A Pricing Strategy Advisor builds a thorough and comprehensive Comparative Market Analysis.  What is your home market value today?

Staging. Regardless of the market, making a first good impression is still a priority.  You can expect your home staged and ready for the professional photo shoot.   A vacant home becomes virtually staged.   

Paperwork, negotiations, offers...oh my!  Having the experience to work with over thousands of  buyers and sellers, I have your back.  Communication is key.    

Real Estate has changed in the past 5 months; mobile closings, virtual showings, zoom appointments, masks, hand sanitizers, WFH.   Keeping up with current trends provides you with knowledge to make informed decisions.   

If you’re considering a move... Here. For. You.  



MJ Olsen

A Realtor with Moving Experience & Expertise!